Stable Mireille

Mireille Stable is a rehabilitation / training / guest house located in the beautiful Betuwe. They train horses with various problems. Mireille den Hoed is riding ZZ light with her horse De Rechter (Utrecht x Zeoliet). De Rechter is now 21 years old (born in 1996). When is a horse straight? A horse is vertically straight if it maintains the vertical line on a straight line (angle to the ground is 90 °) with the rider perfectly straight the back. Horses are naturally left-bent or right-bent. Just like people are left or right handed.

A (bent) horse has a strong, short side and a weak long side. Imagine symbolizing a horse bent to the right with your left arm. The outside of your arm is the left side of your horse. This side is convex, has long but weak muscles. This is the smooth side. The left hind leg is the weak hind leg. The left foreleg carries more weight than the right foreleg. The right side is hollow, short but strongly muscled and also stiffer. The right hind leg is strongest and often the right hip is slightly higher. You can notice this because such a horse seeks more support on the left rein, runs against your left leg and because the saddle sinks to the left. You as a rider will therefore be skewed. For the left-bent horse, the same applies only of course in the reverse direction. A right-bent horse will have more difficulty with the left volte than with the right volte. When turning to the left, the horse will want to fall on the left shoulder instead of bending into its body. To learn to bend the horse, it must first be in vertical balance!

If you are not familiar with straightening, with restoring the vertical balance, it is quite complicated at first. And if you understand the theory, you still have to learn to feel it and then act correctly AND quickly!
All in all not easy, but first comes understanding of the theory! I invite you to come to a free lecture that I regularly give. While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea you will get a piece of the theory explained on the basis of a presentation with photos and pictures that will help you understand things. This is completely without obligation!

Stal Mireille 
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