“Discover and experience how your horse can move in a casual way”image5

The method that VIP has developed fully reflects the new way of moving and has been developed from the philosophy of not exerting any form of pressure on the horse. The dynamic construction facilitates the horse to move in the correct position without being forced, with little pressure on the mouth and behind the ears, and there is no fixed point at which horses can feel attached.

Stimuli a correct horizontal posture is created so that optimal use can be made of the back Horses maintain a high degree of freedom of movement in the head and neck, so that the resulting downward posture has a positive effect on well-being and physical development. developed to allow riders to work with their horse in a different way – in other words, an interactive way from the ground up as a result of which this way of moving has a connecting and cohesive effect on horse and rider. In addition, it increases safety and the system is accessible to every level of horse keeper.

image6The forward-down stretched upper neckline raises the back through the neck ligament in the desired position, so that the long back muscle can work relaxed and can move freely.

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