The purpose of a bit-fitting is to advise the rider / rider in the search for the right bit for his or her horse. This is to prevent trauma and to communicate optimally with your horse while riding. No horse has the same mouth, yet several types of bits can fit in a horse’s mouth. My job is to find a well-fitting bit that suits you best. For example, with the correct pressure distribution and action of the bit, your horse will more easily adopt the correct connection. It doesn’t have to be that there are major problems. They can also be minor problems. For example, a horse may have a loose / fixed connection, take no connection, take too much pressure, or have an uneven connection because the current bit does not fit your horse’s mouth. By searching for a suitable bit for your horse, an attempt is made to get your horse in a correct and stable connection. Which is great for both the horse and the rider. In this way trauma can be largely prevented and the rider can optimally put the finishing touches while riding.

Karin Toetenel

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